Leadership By Divine Design

HOPE Jamaica 2009 Spring Conference

Hopelyn International & A Team of LPCCI* Coaches
*Life Purpose Coaching Centers, International
in association with Fellowship Tabernacle, Kingston, Jamaica
present HOPE Jamaica 2009 ~ Awaken to Purpose

with Local Guest Speaker Pastor Sophia Azan, Custos of St. Catherine

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Conference: HOPE Jamaica 2009 ~ Awaken to Purpose
Date: May 1-3, 2009 
The HOPE Jamaica 2009 ~ Awaken To Purpose conference to Jamaica is a mission’s trip for the HOPE Jamaica 2009 team (LPCCI Coaches). The conference is hosted by Fellowship Tabernacle, Kingston, Jamaica.CONFERENCE OBJECTIVE:
The Goals of HOPE Jamaica 2009 are to:
Inspire hope in the hearts and minds of women of Jamaica, helping them to discover their unique life purpose so they can live intentionally
Challenge women to live with passion, gratitude and joy, passing it on to others
Encourage them to be holy women of God
Friday Morning: High School girls will meet in assembly for the HOPE Jamaica team to pour HOPE, INSPIRATION, and PURPOSE into them and to encourage them to begin NOW in their youth to follow after the heartbeat of God.
Friday Evening: Leaders are invited to a panel discussion on the discipleship model used by Life Purpose Coaching Centers, International. The evening includes inspiration, laser coaching demonstrations, and time for questions and answers.
Saturday: The expected outcome is that women will experience a full day of meaningful worship, action-oriented teaching, experiential applications, and spiritual fellowship. In addition, our prayer is that women will be empowered to begin the "pathway to purpose" journey, equipped with practical tools and resources to live out their God-given destiny for the Kingdom of God!
LONG RANGE VISION The long range vision of the Hope Jamaica Team is to train and certify coaches through Life Purpose Coaching Centers, International, for the establishment of the first Life Purpose Coaching Center in Kingston.
Stages to Implementing the HOPE Jamaica Vision:

  1. Inspiring / Teaching - Keynote Speakers, Seminars and Workshops will be offered to help women understand their unique design and purpose. We will launch the first on-site conference in Kingston this spring in May, 2009.

  2. Coaching- Life Purpose Inspirational Coaching will be offered on-site during the 2009 conference with follow-up services including further coaching and intensive Life Plan facilitation.

  3. Training- Life Purpose Coach and Facilitator training will be offered for those interested in becoming Life Purpose Coaches. Future plans include Levels 1, 2, and 3 certification training on-site both in Jamaica and in the US.

  4. Networking- We will stay in contact to provide encouragement, mentoring and support for the coaches as they launch Life Purpose Coaching Centers in Jamaica.
Hopelyn International was founded by Dr. Hopelyn Marie Brown (Mullings). The organization formed to instill hope in the hearts and minds of people while teaching them principles of Kingdom living. Dr. Brown was born in Jamaica, studied in the United States, and now resides in Canada. Dr. Brown is driven by a Godly passion to inspire purpose in others, especially women, and to see them reach their highest potential.

Meet Hopelyn Brown

Dr. Brown is a Strategic Leadership Consultant, Certified Life Purpose and Life Plan Facilitator. She has over ten years of marketing and consulting experience. She coaches women one-to-one, facilitates 1 and 2 day Life Plans and speaks at leadership conferences, women’s weekend retreats, and seminars.

Dr. Brown audiences include: *WIC Association of New York, Albany, NY *Evangel Women's Conference, Edmonton, AB *Women of Wisdom Retreat - Yukon, BC *PAOC Women's Groups, BC *among others.

Dr. Hopelyn provides Life Coaching for women in leadership.
Life Purpose Coaching Centers, International, founded by Dr. Katie Brazelton, is the first Christian-based, international training program that exclusively trains men and women who are passionate about helping others know and fulfill their unique life purpose. LPCCI Coaches are found around the world, investing in others to help them understand their unique design and to live intentionally. LPCCI Instructors offer tele-classes and on-site training throughout the world. A team of LPCCI Coaches and Instructors have linked arms with Hopelyn International and Fellowship Tabernacle to launch HOPE Jamaica 2009.

Meet our Coaches:

Meet Kathryn Bonner

Kathryn Bonner is a Certified Life Plan and Purpose Coach, Speaker, and the wife of Bruce who is a pastor and the absolute love of her life. Kathryn is also the Author of "Confessions of a Pastor's Wife; He Speaks Can You Hear Him?" and owner of Awakenings Life Coaching (Isaiah 50:4).
Kathryn loves the Word and is passionate about bringing awareness to the way that God is always speaking into each of our hearts, calling us to live our lives with passion and purpose for God. She firmly believes that we must take (and enjoy) the journey to The Potter's House each day, and have a willingness to be shaped by the hands of God in order to be used as His vessel for service (Jeremiah 18:1-5).
Kathryn has an international client base, coaching women who have a strong desire to be very intentional with their lives. She is a keynote and retreat speaker. Until most recently when her book obligations began to heighten, Kathryn was the Vice President of a nationwide non-profit Christian organization. Prior to that she held executive leadership positions in corporate America for over twenty years. She is the Women's Ministry Director of her church where her husband Bruce is the pastor. Kathryn and her husband Bruce reside in the Austin area, and have two grown daughters, and two sons-in-law.
Kathryn loves deep conversation, hearty laughter, big hugs, the smell of flowers, swaying to the music in her kitchen with Bruce, having her precious daughters and sons-in-law come for a visit, AND especially seeing the way that our LORD God moves us to places of transformation - in ways that only He can!

Meet Mary Kay Moore
Mary Kay Moore is a certified Life Purpose Coach and Facilitator, a certified Spiritual Director, as well as a Retreat and Motivational Speaker.
Mary Kay enjoys meeting and working with women of all Christian denominations. Her goal is to encourage, affirm, exhort and empower women to live out God’s purpose for their lives. She is a lover of Jesus and the Word. She seeks to revive the hearts of women in their relationship with the Lord, the Word, and with each other, resulting in transformed lives.

Meet Carol Smith -
email: rcs81@comcast.net

Carol J. Smith brings her heart of passion, professional life work and experience including over 25+ years in women’s ministries as a consultant, leader, and teacher. She has a B.A. in Religion with Family Studies/Health emphasis along with graduate studies in education, psychology and ministry leadership. She has completed five levels of intensive certification trainings with Dr. Katie Brazelton, Life Purpose Coaching Centers International.
Meet Gayle Kraker - Email: GKraker@bellsouth.net

Gayle Kraker is a Life Purpose Coach and a Life Purpose Facilitator. Her personal life mission statement is “To know Christ and to make Him known.” Gayle's burning passion is to join God in the work that He desires to do in our world through giving, going, and praying. “HOPE Jamaica 2009” is an opportunity to serve women of Jamaica by encouraging and equipping them to live their purpose and calling. I am honored and humbled to be a part of this ministry team.Gayle resides in Starkville, Mississippi
Meet Lynn Marie Kagarice -
Email: hiscleanvessels@gmail.com

Lynn Marie Kagarice has experienced the redeeming power of the Lord Jesus as He not only secured her eternal destiny, but is powerfully restoring her physical health and wellness.As His 'Surrendered Vessel' she is impassioned to share His love in tangible ways, offering hope to the hopeless, and becoming a 'Voice for the Voiceless'. She first caught sight of His heart for all peoples as a Bible school student, Biblical counseling major, and Health Minister. Now that she and her husband, Steve, have nearly raised their 3 sons, she is in training as an LPCCI Life Coach and Facilitator. Lynn Marie begins and ends her days in praise, worship and prayer journalling. She loves people, pets, plants and ALL things green...the color of abundant life!

Accompanying LPCCI Team:
Christine Luchini
Christine is ready to work for the Lord in Jamaica, man! She is a woman who loves to connect, and yearns for women to be released from the strongholds that keep them from the joy in their lives. God has given her a heart for healing praying, and she has been trained through The Austin Healing Room.

Her passion is to aid women in believing that God has made each of them in His image, and loves them at a depth that is beyond all comprehension! She wants to help women to find their creative joys that may have been left behind because of all the demands of life. She longs to have them reconnect to God and the desires He has placed within their heart. God has a placed those desires in us for His good pleasure and your joy! God wants to water what He has sown in your heart, bringing joy to His creation! You are God's own and He loves you and wants you to connect to the Holy Spirit!
Fellowship Tabernacle is the home church of Dr. Brown. Fellowship Tabernacle is pastored by Dr. Merrick Al Miller and his wife Melody Miller. The fellowship was formed out of the call of God and the vision God had given to Dr. Miller for Whole Life Ministries to strengthen the Body of Christ to affect Jamaica, the Caribbean, and beyond with a demonstration of the life and power of the Kingdom of God. Here FelTab, as the church is affectionately known, is made up of people committed to the call, vision, faith and zeal to make it a reality.
Meet Pastor Melody Miller
Melody Miller is a Chemist by profession, but left the secular world after 26 years to fulfill the call of God on her life. Since then, she has devoted her time to developing the ministries of Fellowship Tabernacle, which is pastured by her husband, Dr. Rev. Merrick “Al” Miller, and herself. As Director of the Women’s Ministry, she is engaged in nurturing and encouraging women to pursue their purpose and to utilize the gifts and talents deposited in them, by hosting Conferences, planning retreats and organizing regular activities for them. She also assists in training ministry leaders.
Pastor Melody lectures at the Bible School and is also a Minister of the Word. She is involved in the Counselling Ministry at the church. Pastor Melody is passionate about the church, especially women, representing Christ in true righteousness and holiness in every aspect of their lives at all times.

Originally posted March 23, 2009