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HOPE Jamaica 2013

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Meet Dr. Hopelyn Brown - Founder and Conference Director

Dr. Hopelyn Brown - Founder and Conference Director

Hopelyn is passionate about connecting with others and seeing them develop into their highest potential. She has always loved to encourage others, helping them to discover their personal values or working with them in practical ways to grow in their personal or professional lives. For over 10 years, she has had the privilege to impact the lives of others as a facilitator, minister, teacher, keynote speaker, and online instructor.

Her vision and focus is "Transforming others into purposeful living." Her multifaceted background includes: Strategic Leadership, Life Purpose Coaching®, Marketing, and Social Work. She holds a Doctor of Strategic Leadership (DSL) degree and she is a Certified Life Purpose Coach®/Facilitator®/Instructor.

Meet Demetria Murdock - Website Coordinator

Demetria Murdock - Website Coordinator

Demetria is a Life Purpose Coach and a Tech Guru.  Her desire is to show you how to connect the dots on life's path and propel towards the purpose God has for you. As a Life Purpose Coach, Demetria walks alongside you listening, connecting and empowering you to live life to the full. She helps you self-discover what God has already created you to do. She moves you to focus on reaching your full potential by tapping into the resources that exist within you.

She also has a passion to see young women and girls discover their life purpose.  Through her Girl's Ministry - More Than Rubies, she encourages girls to discover who they are in the sight of God.  Demetria teaches them the truth of God's Word and how it applies to their lives as young women.  

Meet Tishauna Mullings - Program Coordinator

Tishauna Mullings - Program Coordinator
Tishauna is a Life Purpose Coach and the CEO NexxStepp Personal Development Services and Inspirational Products.   She can be described as a passionate philanthropist who depends upon the Master helper for direction and strength as to enrich the lives of others.  She has been involved in a variety of areas in ministry including: Evangelism, Prison Ministry, Performing Arts Ministry, School-to-school ministry, Intercessory Prayer and Youth Empowerment.

Tishauna’s business NexxStepp exists to make a positive change in the lives of young people; to facilitate their transition to higher quality of life and self-actualization enabling them to be confident, inspired, empowered and self-fulfilled. Ms. Mullings coaches women of all ages however, she finds fulfilment specifically in enabling young women ages 16- 25 to maximize their fullest potentials as they transition in adulthood.  

Meet Winsome Munroe - Prayer Coordinator

Winsome Munroe - Prayer Coordinator

Winsome is a Counseling Psychologist and Life Purpose Coach.  She has assisted with counseling staff members of government services from 2008 - 2010.  She is a public speaker and trainer for churches and schools.  She has previously coordinated youth church camps and she has been a home group leader for her local church. She is a member of the intercessory group, alter ministry team and deliverance ministry at her local church.  

She is passionate about enhancing wellness and assisting women in discovering their God given purpose.  She enjoys writing inspirational thoughts, gardening, baking, decorating and cooking.