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Meet Tishauna Mullings - Program Coordinator

Tishauna Mullings - Program Coordinator
Tishauna is a Life Purpose Coach and the CEO NexxStepp Personal Development Services and Inspirational Products.   She can be described as a passionate philanthropist who depends upon the Master helper for direction and strength as to enrich the lives of others.  She has been involved in a variety of areas in ministry including: Evangelism, Prison Ministry, Performing Arts Ministry, School-to-school ministry, Intercessory Prayer and Youth Empowerment.

Tishauna’s business NexxStepp exists to make a positive change in the lives of young people; to facilitate their transition to higher quality of life and self-actualization enabling them to be confident, inspired, empowered and self-fulfilled. Ms. Mullings coaches women of all ages however, she finds fulfilment specifically in enabling young women ages 16- 25 to maximize their fullest potentials as they transition in adulthood.