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What is God's Plan for You?

You have a knowing that you were created by God to powerfully impact this world and have lofty dreams in your heart. These dreams and goals are what God implanted in you from the time your creation began. But lets face it; you secretly desire to increase your influence. A greater understanding of who you are leads to a greater confidence in touching the lives of those you are called to reach. We are all called to “go into all the world!”

You can begin developing a plan to move from feeling undervalued, overwhelmed, or fearful of moving forward –  to being bold, confident, and living in abundance in every area of your life.

Find Your True Purpose

If you are in marketplace or ministry leadership, our mission at Hopelyn International is to guide you to love your life and begin to claim the bounty that you deserve in your life.
Sign up HERE to join us on Thursday,  April 7, 2013 at 12 noon Pacific for an Informational Call: 
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This incredible retreat takes you through the complete Life Purpose Training Process—a personal leadership and business development workshop to take you beyond your wildest dreams:
  • Hold  your life under the spot light   by using tools to uncover the things that could be blocking you, and discovering who you were created to be
  • Open your heart to the endless possibilities by taking time to assess your strengths, values, and passions
  • Plan  your future  by gathering your findings, analysing them and setting out changes that need to be made
  • Engage your plan for the future by using your leadership skills and life purpose training to create professional and custom made business plans to live each day, week, month, and year more intentionally
You will build a strong foundation, finding purpose and motivation and creating a DIVINE PLAN for your life.  Not only that, but you can replenish your soul in the beautiful island paradise of Jamaica while you do it!

Experience Divine wisdom in your business in an engaging atmosphere, and take the break you need to Discover Your Divine Design!

The HOPE Jamaica 2013 LPC Training Conference

Travel to Jamaica  April 6-12th  with Hopelyn International in association with LPCCI … hosting a special exclusive  training for 20 leaders (in business or ministry) who want to step up to a HIGHER LEVEL in 2013.

6 Days of Serenity, Training, & Strategy in Jamaica, hosted by Dr. Hopelyn and her team of Life Purpose Coaches.

We will host you in a beautiful location in Kingston - Jamaica, where you will experience the beauty of Kingston and surrounding areas.

You will be treated with wonderful Jamaican food, refreshment, sun, and fun.

This exclusive training conference has space for ONLY 20 Leaders!

Conference Training  Schedule:

This interactive workshop includes demos, case study discussions, and paired learner experiences in a training, which teaches methods of coaching clients toward God’s plan for their lives.
  • Learn the coaching history and core coaching skills & basic and advanced competencies and skills
  • Ethical guidelines and industry standards, Biblical basis and human behavior framework for this calling on your life
  • Practice with coaching forms and facilitation templates, which address such areas as your clients’ spiritual gifts, motives, fears, values, anger, and character issues like humility, patience, generosity, perseverance, etc.
  • Conversations on Purpose Logistics & Technology and Marketing
  • A course highlight is the Surrender Exercise! This is a two-hour, private, structured time..

Connection & Relaxation Time:

  • Our motto, “out of many one people” truly describes Jamaica – a melting pot of the many cultures of the many people that make up the population.
  • Jamaica is a traveller’s dream come true, and whatever activity you choose, one thing is guaranteed – you will have exciting adventures and amazing experiences

When my client Tishauna began coaching with me, she lacked clarity and vision for her future dreams and goals. Here is what she had to say after 2 months of coaching:

“It can be very frustrating to know you have potential and not be able to perform at the level of your potential. My coach carefully worked with me helping me to articulate my potential and transfer it into actual performance. Coaching with Dr. Brown has strengthened this idea and practically helped me to identify and mobilize my skills, ability, gifts and talents to making God’s plan for my life a reality.

— Tishauna Mullings, St. Thomas, Jamaica

“My Life Purpose Coach, Dr. Hopelyn Brown is genuinely set apart and called to this vocation. In all Conversations on Purpose we shared, she was God-centered, compassionate and patient, asking exactly the right questions to get responses that brought about life-changing results. 

—Jacquie Lyseight, Kingston, Jamaica

Elizabeth was well-advanced in her career as a Colon-Hydro Therapist but felt stuck and overwhelmed. She shares,

“Coaching with Dr. Hopelyn Brown exceeded my highest expectations. It has assisted me immensely in my personal and professional development...was a catalyst that allowed me to recognize, confirm and challenge me into “purposeful living.”

—Elizabeth Mazzei,  Maple Ridge, BC

“As a Registered Clinical Counselor I had come to a transitional place in my career when I was introduced to Dr. Hopelyn’s coaching expertise in September 2011. Since beginning the coaching journey with Dr Hopelyn, I have been able to put into practical terms the dreams that I have been carrying for many years. Dr. Hopelyn’s balance of care and compassion for me as a woman moving through life and her tenacity and skill in motivating me to get my dreams on paper and make a plan have allowed me to move forward in personal and professional areas that I have been stuck in for a while. ."

—Gillian Drader MA RCC, Abbotsford, BC [/graybox]


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