Leadership By Divine Design

REAP Jamaica 2012

REAP Jamaica 2012  Leadership Retreat!

Dear Friend,
Have you felt like God is calling you to greatness—you can FEEL the pull!—and yet you don’t know what that calling is?
Do you suffer from procrastination, addictions, drama-filled relationships or other forms of avoiding your true calling that only make you miserable and confused and take away your vitality?
Have you been sowing the seeds of hope in your life and in your business for years without having the tools to reap their incredible blessings?

If so, then you are in the right place!

The power to change yourself resides within you! Imagine stepping out of your history – those things that held your back in the past and stepping into a future where your life and dreams long desired begin to materialize before your eyes.
Your Divine Creator – God – is waiting for you to step into that moment where He can direct you on the change path.

What is God's Plan for You?

 You have a knowing that you were each created by God to powerfully impact this world. But let’s face it; you secretly desire to increase your influence. A greater understanding of who you are leads to a greater confidence in touching the lives of those you are called to reach. We are all called to “go into all the world!” So your dreams and goals is what God implanted in you from the time your creation began.
You can begin developing a plan to move from feeling undervalued, overwhelmed, or fearful of moving forward to being bold, confident, and living in abundance in every area of your life.

Find Your True Purpose

If you are a woman in leadership or ministry, our mission at Hopelyn International is to guide you to love your life and REAP all the bounty that you deserve in your life.
This incredible retreat takes you through the complete REAP Leadership Process—a personal leadership and business development workshop to take you beyond your wildest dreams:
  • Reflect on your life using tools to uncover the things that could be blocking you, and discovering who you were created to be
  • Explore the possibilities by taking time to assess your strengths, values, and passions
  • Assess your findings by gathering your findings to create a map to plan the future.
  • Plan for the future by creating professional, leadership, or business plans to live each day, week, month, and year more intentionally

You will build a strong foundation, finding purpose and motivation and creating a DIVINE PLAN for your life.  Not only that, but you can replenish your soul in the beautiful island paradise of Jamaica while you do it!
Experience Divine wisdom in your business in an engaging atmosphere, and take the break you need to Discover Your Divine Design!

The REAP Jamaica 2012  Leadership Retreat

Travel to Jamaica  May 31 – June 4 with Hopelyn International … hosting a special exclusive private retreat & training for 10 women leaders (in business or ministry) who want to step up to a HIGHER LEVEL in 2012
5 Days of Serenity & Strategy in Jamaica, mentoring with Dr. Hopelyn and SPECIAL SURPRISE GUEST – TOP Jamaican Woman Leader!!!
We will host you in a beautiful location in Kingston - Jamaica, where you will experience the beauty of Kingston & the Portland countryside, and surrounding areas.
You will be treated with wonderful Jamaican food, refreshment, sun, fun and creating Divine Design Plans!
This exclusive retreat has space for ONLY 10 Women Leaders!

Retreat Day 1: Getting Out of the Trenches

  • Reclaim your life as together we move beyond the details of the day-to-day and rediscover your BIG dream
  • Unmask your BEST self rather than the one that insists on showing up (the one that is moving but not necessarily progressing)
  • Discover how your circumstances, situations, and setbacks can position you for your future.

Retreat Day 2: Designing Your Life's Divine Blueprint

  • Discover and ELIMINATE self sabotaging beliefs and behaviors that keep you from moving forward
  • Learn how to passionately pursue that which matters most to you and to God (guess what...they ARE one and the same!)
  • Chart your life's course step-by-step to ensure you are moving intentionally along the path God designed just for YOU!

When my client Tishauna began coaching with me, she lacked clarity and vision for her future dreams and goals. Here is what she had to say after 2 months of coaching:
“Coaching with Dr. Brown has strengthened this idea and practically helped me to identify and mobilize my skills, ability, gifts and talents to making God’s plan for my life a reality. It can be very frustrating to know you have potential and not be able to perform at the level of your potential. My coach carefully worked with me helping me to articulate my potential and transfer it into actual performance. The biblical, Christ-centered approach she uses is very effective because in understanding who you are, you must contact God, your Maker.
— Tishauna Mullings, St. Thomas, Jamaica [/graybox]

Retreat Day 3: Island Adventure Tour!

You'll discover the hidden Jamaica where there are amazing adventures. One of the most overlooked treasures of this island is the Jamaican culture. Our motto, “out of many one people” truly describes Jamaica - a melting pot of the many cultures of the many people that make up the population.
Jamaica is a traveller’s dream come true, and whatever activity you choose, one thing is guaranteed - you will have exciting adventures and amazing experiences
  • Journey to Portland and enter a world of waterfalls and lush vegetation. Make your first stop at Somerset Falls and see exotic birds and tropical foliage everywhere. If you are looking for tranquility, untouched scenery and nature in all its glory, then this is the place for you. Don’t get lost in the beauty of the gardens as the most exciting part of the trip awaits you. Take a boat ride and sail through an underwater cave called the “Hidden Falls” The magic of this experience will have you talking about it for years and years.
  • Take a quick stop in Port Antonio and see the town that Errol Flynn the movie star found.This town and the outskirts will take your breath away. We must hurry though as we are moving on to the Blue Lagoon.
  • The Blue Lagoon is where the rich and the famous go to hide away. Have a boat ride, swim dive, ski or just enjoy the lagoon
  • Don’t linger here too long as we move on to Boston Bay, the home of ‘Jerk.’Jerk is a method of cooking where food is marinated with special herbs and spices and barbequed over a pit under pimento wood. It is delicious and a treat.
  • Eat the jerk right on Boston beach and listen to the lapping of the water and feel cool breeze, or you can swim if you desire.
  • Your final stop will be in the town of Port Antonio again where you will stop at the famous Errol Flynn Marina. Just sit by the harbour and watch the ships and boats.
  • Most visitors sample the famous Devon House “I Scream”… the perfect end to a day you will remember forever.
Of course you wouldn’t forget to take your camera to capture the awesome sights….[/yellowbox]

“My Life Purpose Coach, Dr. Hopelyn Brown is genuinely set apart and called to this vocation. In all Conversations on Purpose we shared, she was God-centered, compassionate and patient, asking exactly the right questions to get responses that brought about life-changing results. She is a professional who has successfully guided and inspired me to first recognize, then let go of old mindsets that kept me shackled to past hurts and fears I did not even know existed. She is definitely a change agent who has caused me to shift into embracing and walking in God’s divine will and purpose for my life.”
—Jacquie Lyseight, Kingston, Jamaica

Your Beautiful Home Away From Home in Jamaica

You'll be staying at the gorgeous City View Resort, nestled in the cool hills of Smokey Vale, St. Andrew.

It has a magnificent view of the City of Kingston, St. Catherine and Kingston Harbour."One of the best scenic vistas in the Caribbean"

Who is This Retreat For?

This Retreat is Perfect for You If You Want To...

  • Encounter yourself in a beautiful, sacred space that inspires you to unwind which opens your creativity to explore your dreams
  • Come away to a place to Seek, Find, & Fulfill Your Purpose: As you Seek you will find Clarity, to develop Focus towards fulfilling your purpose
  • Come away from the daily distraction to a place of serenity and explore your highest potential
  • Discover the parts within you that have held you back so that you can move into a place of clarity
  • Become ignited with fire and find your strength and confidence to achieve complete empowerment
  • Create a solid, actionable plan to go from where you are to the life you imagine, AND learn the systems you need to implement that plan without hesitation
  • Overcome the fear that is holding you back
  • Build self-confidence and begin to speak your truth
  • Receive knowledge and claim your place in this life – Ephesians 6:10-14
  • Stop destructive relationships and overcome addictions

Elizabeth was well-advanced in her career as a Colon-Hydro Therapist but felt stuck and overwhelmed. 
She shares, “Coaching with Dr. Hopelyn Brown exceeded my highest expectations. It has assisted me immensely in my personal and professional development...was a catalyst that allowed me to recognize, confirm and challenge me into “purposeful living.”
—Elizabeth Mazzei,  Maple Ridge, BC

What Could Get Between You And Your Greatest Adventure Ever?

“I have done retreats before, how is this different?”
  • When you come away from life’s hustle and bustle for a time of quiet in a serene environment, your creativity is taken to another level. You will be working with a leader who has a passion to see results that are fulfilling in the lives of women leaders who are ready to take action. A combination of those two will take you leaps and bounds toward your future dreams.
“My family needs this money, how can I be spending this on myself?”
  • Having a great sense of responsibility to our loved ones is a beautiful thing. I want you to STOP and observe yourself becoming impatient, angry and ornery when you don't take time out to nourish your soul and discover who you are?
  • The fact is, when you don't take care of yourself, not only you suffer but those loved ones too. Your family system will grow when you take time for your own personal growth. Everything you receive will be reflected in your character when you return home. Your family will love you for it and this change will effect changes in their lives as well.
“Jamaica is quite a trip away”
  • This may just be the thing you need – a time of clarity in a place with no distractions or close enough to just go back home.
  • Think about the sunshine, the mountains, the ocean, the salubrious climate, the food, the culture and the Jamaican people. You don’t want to miss this opportunity

“As a Registered Clinical Counselor I had come to a transitional place in my career when I was introduced to Dr. Hopelyn’s coaching expertise in September 2011. Since beginning the coaching journey with Dr Hopelyn six months ago I have been able to put into practical terms the dreams that I have been carrying for many years. Dr. Hopelyn’s balance of care and compassion for me as a woman moving through life and her tenacity and skill in motivating me to get my dreams on paper and make a plan have allowed me to move forward in personal and professional areas that I have been stuck in for a while. I have see the blockages removed in my life and am now implementing new vision and destiny in my life. I would highly recommend Dr. Hopelyn to professional women who are wanting to maximize their potential and bring to fruition buried hopes and dreams."
—Gillian Drader MA RCC, Abbotsford, BC